Food Product Manufacturer in India

Shahi Pharma India Private Limited has been producing Food Products such as Murabba, Candy, Sharbat etc. for a very long period.

We deal in providing third party contract manufacturing for Food Products with excellent efficiency and reasonable price.

Here are a glimp of Food Products that we are currently manufacturing for our third party customars.

S. No. Indication Size
1 Amla Murabba 500GM/1000GM
2 Bel Murabba 500GM/1000GM
3 Harad Murabba 500GM/1000GM
4 Seb Murabba 500GM/1000GM
5 Amla Sweet Candy 200GM/500GM
6 Amla Masala Candy 200GM/500GM
7 Bel Sharbat 725ML
8 Buransh sharbat 725ML
9 Khus Sharbat 725ML
10 Honey 250GM/500GM