Ayurvedic Churan & Powder manufacturer in India

Shahi Pharma India Private Limited has been producing Ayurvedic Churan & Powder for a very long period and has become one of the best Ayurvedic Churan & Powder manufacturer.

We deal in providing third party contract manufacturing for Ayurvedic Churan & Powder with excellent efficiency and reasonable price.

Here are a glimp of Churan & Powder that we are currently manufacturing for our third party customars.

S. No. Indication Size
1 Laxative powder (FOR CONSTIPATION) 60GM/100GM
2 Virya poshtik Churan 60GM/100GM
3 Triphala Churan 60GM/100GM
4 Churan for Menstural disorders/Leucorrhoea 60GM/100GM
5 Dhatu poshtik Churan 60GM/100GM
6 Protein Powder with Whey Protein 200GM/500GM
7 Churan for sexual wellbeing with Shilajit, Kaunchbeej, Shatavar etc… 60GM/100GM/200GM
8 Appetizer / Digestive Churan 60GM/100GM/200GM