Unani Classical Product Manufacturer in India

Shahi Pharma India Pvt. Ltd. manufactur Ayurvedic medicine/product as well as Unani medicine/product.

By providing best quality on affordable price we are becoming the one of the best unani medicine/product manufacturer.

We deal in providing third party contract manufacturing for Unani medicine/products with excellent efficiency and reasonable price.

S. No. Indication Size
1 Arq 500ML/1000ML
2 Habbe 10PL/20PL/50PL/100PL
3 Halwa 200GM
4 Itrifal 60GM/125GM/200GM
5 Jawarish 60GM/125GM/200GM
6 Khamira 60GM/125GM/200GM
7 Laboob & Lauq 60GM/125GM/200GM
8 Majun 60GM/125GM/200GM/500GM
9 Qurs 30TAB/50TAB/100TAB
10 Roghan 15ML/30ML
11 Safoof 50GM/100GM
12 Sharbat 200ML/500ML