Shahi Pharma India Private Limited has been producing Ayurvedic syrups for a very long period and has become one of the best Ayurvedic syrup manufacturer.

We deal in providing third party contract manufacturing for Ayurvedic syrups with excellent efficiency and reasonable price.

Here are a glimp of syrups that we are currently manufacturing for our third party customars.

S. No. Indication Size
1 Cough syrup with tulsi/vasaka/mulaithi 100ML
2 Cough syrup with honey (DS) 100ML
3 Iron Syrup to increase Hemoglobin 200ML
4 Memory booster syrup with Shankhpushpi & Brahmi 200ML
5 Blood purifier with Tulsi/Neem/Giloy 200ML
6 Laxative tonic 200ML
7 Asthama & Allergy Syrup 200ML
8 Multivitamin & Calcium tonic 200ML
9 Cardio syrup 200ML
10 Anti- Pyretic syrup for dengue & other Viral fever with neem, papaya, giloy and tulsi 200ML
11 Syrup for sexual wellbeing with Shilajit, Kaunchbeej, Shatavar etc… 200ML
12 Enzyme syrup 200ML
13 Appetizer / Digestive Tonic 200ML
14 Anti-Arthritis Syrup with Maharasnadi kwath/Sarai guggulu/Suranjan 200ML
15 Health tonic for men, women & Kids 200ML
16 Female Tonic for Menstural disorders/Leucorrhoea 200ML
17 Liver preparation 200ML
18 Liver preparation Double strength 200ML
19 Thyroid care syrup 200ML
20 Blood Pressure Control syrup 200ML
21 Stone removal syrup (Kidney & Urinary Tract) 200ML
22 Syrup for Piles & Fissures 200ML