Ayurvedic Oil manufacturer in India

Shahi Pharma India Private Limited has been producing Ayurvedic Oils for a very long period and has become one of the best Ayurvedic Oils manufacturer.

We deal in providing third party contract manufacturing for Ayurvedic Oils with excellent efficiency and reasonable price.

Here are a glimp of Oils that we are currently manufacturing for our third party customars.

S. No. Indication Size
1 Pain Relief Oil 60ML/100ML
2Hair oil Formulation with Reetha, Shikakai, Amla and Bhringraj 100ML/200ML
3 Mahabhringraj oil 50ML/100ML
4 Clove Oil 5ML
5 Dalchini Oil 15ML
6 Oil Sanda (Massage oil for men) 15ML
7 Cheed Oil 30ML
8 Til Oil 30ML
9 Kalonji Oil 30ML
10 Tarpeen Oil 30ML
11 Sheesham Oil 30ML
12 Babchi Oil 30ML
13 Alsi Oil 30ML
14 Neem Oil 30ML
15 Fhulwa Oil 30ML
16 Arandi Oil 30ML
17 Malkangni Oil 30ML
18 Babuna Oil 30ML
19 Mahua Oil 30ML
20 Olive Oil 30ML
21 Mahanarayan Oil 60ML