Shahi Pharma India Private Limited has been producing Ayurvedic Capsules & Tablet for a very long period and has become one of the best Ayurvedic Capsules & Tablet manufacturer.

We deal in providing third party contract manufacturing for Ayurvedic Capsules & Tablet with excellent efficiency and reasonable price.

Here are a glimp of Capsules & Tablet that we are currently manufacturing for our third party customars.

S. No. Indication Size
1 Memory booster Capsules with Shankhpushpi & Brahmi 30Cap/60Cap
2 Blood purifier with Tulsi/Neem/Giloy 30Cap/60Cap
3 Asthama & Allergy Capsules 30Cap/60Cap
4 Blood Pressure Control Capsules 30Cap/60Cap
5 Multivitamin & Calcium Tablet 30Cap/60Cap
6 Cardio Capsules 30Cap/60Cap
7 Anti- Pyretic Capsules for dengue & other Viral fever with neem, papaya, giloy and tulsi 30Cap/60Cap
8 Capsules for sexual wellbeing with Shilajit, Kaunchbeej, Shatavar etc… 30Cap/60Cap
9 Thyroid care Capsules 30Cap/60Cap
10 Capsules for Liver wellness 30Cap/60Cap
11 Anti-Arthritis Capsules with Maharasnadi kwath/Sarai guggulu/Suranjan 30Cap/60Cap
12 Capsules for men's health 30Cap/60Cap
13 Capsules for Menstural disorders/Leucorrhoea 30Cap/60Cap
14 Capsules for weight management 30Cap/60Cap
15 Anti-Diabetic Capsules with neem, karela, methi and jamun beej 30Cap/60Cap
16 Neem Extract Capsules 30Cap/60Cap
17 Giloy Capsules 30Cap/60Cap
18 Capsules to increase hight 30Cap/60Cap
19 Capsules for healthy hair 30Cap/60Cap
20 Ashwagandha Capsules 30Cap/60Cap
21 Stone Removal Capsules 30Cap/60Cap
22 Capsules for Piles & Fissurse 30Cap/60Cap
23 Capsules for enhancing masculine & strengthening breast muscles 30Cap/60Cap